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1 9 Bond St Realty Inc Apartment10012New York
1 Fifth Avenue Apartment Corp Apartment10002New York
1 Gracie Square Corp Apartment10028New York
10 West 66th Street Corporation Apartment10023New York
100 Cooper Property Apartment10019New York
100 Cooper Property Apartment10034New York
100 West 18th Street Apartment 4b Llc Apartment10011New York
101 Cooper St Apartment10034New York
102 Associates Apartment10033New York
103 Clinton St H D F C Apartment10002New York
1045 Park Avenue Owners Apartment10028New York
105 West 13th Corp Apartment10001New York
106 Mulberry Corp Apartment10013New York
1095 Park Ave Corp Apartment10128New York
111 East 85th Street Owners Corp Apartment10028New York
111 Jane St Condo Apartment10014New York
111 Ludlow Corp Apartment10007New York
111-112 L L C Apartment10029New York
1120 Park Corp Apartment10128New York
1125 Park Avenue Corp Apartment10128New York
113 Greene St Owners Corp Apartment10012New York
1130 Park Avenue Apartment10128New York
1133 Fifth Avenue Corporation Apartment10128New York
114 E 72 St Tenants Corp Apartment10021New York
114 Invesco Inc Apartment10029New York
115 Central Park West Corp Apartment10065New York
115 Central Park West Corp Apartment10023New York
115 Charles St Realty Corp Apartment10014New York
115 Owners Apartment10016New York
115 W 57 St L L C Apartment10036New York
1155 Park Ave Apartment10128New York
117 2nd Ave Corporation Apartment10003New York
1199 Housing Corp Apartment10029New York
120 E 7th St Mgt Co Inc Apartment10022New York
120 Owners Corp. Apartment10019New York
121 W 122nd St Corp Apartment10024New York
121 Waverly Place Tenants Corp Apartment10011New York
123 Apartments Corp Inc Apartment10023New York
123 East 39th St Corp Apartment10016New York
123 Vermilyea Corp Apartment10040New York
1234 Broadway Apartment10001New York
1236 2nd Ave Corporation Apartment10065New York
124 E 71st St Realty Corp Apartment10006New York
125 E 4th St Owners Corp Apartment10014New York
126 East 30th Owners Inc Apartment10016New York
126 Riverside Dr Corp Apartment10019New York
129-131 Fifth Avenue Corp Apartment10003New York
12th St Realty Apartment10173New York
12th Street Apartment Corp. Apartment10019New York
13 West 13 Apartments Corp Apartment10019New York
130 East 94th Apartments Corp Apartment10128New York
133 E 64th Street Corp Apartment10065New York
1340 Hudson Realty Corpopration Apartment10022New York
1349 Tenants Corporation Apartment10128New York
135 Hudson St Cooperative Inc Apartment10013New York
135 Rivington Associates Apartment10002New York
135 W 24th St Realty Corp Apartment10011New York
135 W 75th St L L C Apartment10011New York
135th Street Apartments Apartment10030New York
136 W 78th St Inc Apartment10024New York
13715 Realty Co Apartment10011New York
139 E 66 St Corp Apartment10065New York
140 Waverly Associates Ltd Apartment10019New York
140th Street Housing Development Fund Corporation Apartment10039New York
141 Equity Holdings Inc Apartment10002New York
144 East 24th Street Corporation Apartment10010New York
145 Upper Corp Apartment10013New York
146 West 4th St Apartment Apartment10012New York
147 Sullivan Street Corp Apartment10013New York
148 West 80th Street Apt Corp Apartment10024New York
1486 5 Avenue Housing Development Fund Corporation Apartment10035New York
15 West 12th St Apartment10011New York
15 West 84th Apartments Coop Apartment10024New York
150 West 55th Street Apartment Corp Apartment10019New York
1520 Properties Corp Apartment10075New York
153 East 26 Realty Associates Apartment10128New York
155 Apt Corp Apartment10021New York
1570 Lexington Realty Corp Apartment10032New York
16 E 98th St Owners Inc Apartment10029New York
160 East 33rd St Partners Apartment10016New York
161 W 140 Tennants Assoc Apartment10030New York
161 W 76th Street Apartment Corp Apartment10023New York
162 Broadway Associates Apartment10022New York
163 East 81st Corp Apartment10028New York
165 W 66 Street Apartment Corp Apartment10023New York
165 West 66 Street Apartment Corp Apartment10017New York
166 East 96 Street Owners Co Apartment10128New York
16th St Tenants Corp Apartment10011New York
170 E 77 St Apartment10075New York
170 Second Ave Owners Corp Apartment10003New York
170 Tenants Corp Apartment10075New York
172 Forsyth St H D F C Apartment10002New York
172 W 77th St Realty Co Apartment10023New York
1725 York Owners Corp Apartment10128New York
173-175 East 91 Realty Corp Apartment10018New York
174 8th Avenue Associates, Inc Apartment10002New York
1745 First Avenue Inc Apartment10128New York
176 East 3rd Street Apartment10009New York
177 Spring St Corporation Apartment10013New York
177 West 83 St Housing Development Fund Corp Apartment10024New York
178 Spring St Corp Apartment10012New York
18 East 76th Street Corporation Apartment10021New York
18 Mercer Equity Inc Apartment10013New York
18 West 12th St Apartment Apartment10016New York
180 St Nicholas Ave Housing Devel Fund Corp Apartment10026New York
1845 7th Ave Realty Associates Apartment10026New York
1885 Third Ave Inc Apartment10029New York
192nd Street Realty Apartment10023New York
1995 Associates Apartment10023New York
2 Beekman Place Owners Corp Apartment10022New York
2 Grove St Apartment Corp Apartment10107New York
2 Grove St Apartment Corp Apartment10014New York
201 West 16th St Owners Corp Apartment10011New York
202 42nd Owners Corp Apartment10028New York
203 West 146th Street L.P. Apartment10039New York
204th Street Associates Inc Apartment10034New York
208 East 28 Owners Corporation Apartment10016New York
21 E 90th St Apartment10128New York
210 Central Park South Inc Apartment10001New York
210 Riverside Drive Apartments Apartment10025New York
211 W 56 Associates Apartment10019New York
212 Apartments Apartment10014New York
212 East 13 Owners Corp Apartment10013New York
214 River Owners Corp Apartment10025New York
22 Charles St Associates Apartment10014New York
220 Realty Co Apartment10028New York
220 West Corp. Apartment10023New York
222 W 83rd Apartment Bldg Apartment10024New York
228-30 Associates Inc Apartment10011New York
229 East 79 Limited Apartment10123New York
229 Sullivan St Realty L L C Apartment10012New York
23 E 69th St L L C Apartment10021New York
230 West 105th Street Realty Apartment10025New York
2305 Second Corp. Apartment10035New York
2321 Cambling Avenue Associates Apartment10013New York
233 East 70 Street Owners Corporation Apartment10021New York
2332 Second Ave Realty Corp Apartment10035New York
233235 Realty Apartment10003New York
235 Renaissance Broadway Corp Apartment10155New York
235 Wadsworth Associates Apartment10019New York
237 East 20 Apartment10003New York
238 W 106 Street Housing Development Funding Corp Apartment10025New York
239 West 71st Street Realty Associates Lp Apartment10038New York
24-26 & 93 Apartments Corp Apartment10128New York
240 E 75 L L C Apartment10021New York
240 Nagle Apartment10034New York
240 West 71 Street Apartm Apartment10023New York
240 West End Avenue Condominium Apartment10016New York
240-42 East 15th St Corp Apartment10003New York
241 East 31 Owners, Inc Apartment10016New York
248 Broome St Corp Apartment10002New York
2571 Seventh Ave Corp Apartment10003New York
26 Prince St L L C Apartment10013New York
26 St Marks Realty Inc Apartment10003New York
264 West 22nd St Owners Inc Apartment10023New York
265 Cabrini Co Apartment10033New York
270 East 78th Street Apartment10016New York
277 E 10 St Associates Apartment10009New York
28 E 4th St Housing Corp Apartment10003New York
280 W 12th St Owners Apartment10014New York
280 W 12th St Owners Inc Apartment10014New York
281 Broadway Associates Apartment10007New York
29 W 82 Condominium Apartment10024New York
295 Central Park West Inc Apartment10024New York
2e 98 St Corp Apartment10029New York
30 Beekman Place Corp Apartment10022New York
300 Central Park West Apartments Corp Apartment10024New York
300 W 23rd St Owner's Corp Apartment10011New York
301 E 69th St Owners Corp Apartment10021New York
30162 Owners Corp Apartment10036New York
302 Convent Avenue Housing Development Fund Corp Apartment10031New York
304 West 88th Street Apartment Apartment10012New York
306 W 106th Street Realty Corp Apartment10025New York
307 East 89 Apartment10128New York
308 West 88th Street Associates Apartment10003New York
3095 Owners Corp Apartment10016New York
31 Tiemann Place Owners Corp Apartment10028New York
310-312 E 23rd Apt Corp Apartment10022New York
312 East 106th St Real Estate Apartment10029New York
316 West 112th Street Hdfc Apartment10026New York
318 West 15th St Apartment Corp Apartment10011New York
322 W 72 Apt Corp Apartment10023New York
323 East 14th St Associates Apartment10016New York
324 East 5th St Owners Corp Apartment10075New York
325 W 77th St Ny Ny L L C Apartment10022New York
325 W 77th St Ny Ny L L C Apartment10001New York
327 East 5th St Realty Corp Apartment10003New York
33 West 126 St Realty Corp Apartment10037New York
331 Melrose Street Corp Apartment10029New York
334 W 28 Street Corp Apartment10016New York
336 E 6 St Owners Corp Apartment10003New York
34 St South Co Apartment10019New York
341-363 West 50th Street Redevelopment Company, L.P. Apartment10022New York
345 W 4th 306 W 13th St Owners Corp Apartment10012New York
348 E 10 St Housing Development Fund Corp Apartment10009New York
35 Park Av Corp Apartment10016New York
350 Central Park W Associates Apartment10025New York
350 Central Park W Associates Apartment10025New York
350 East 109th St Corp Apartment10029New York
350 East 109th St Corp Apartment10029New York
36 E 72nd St Corp Apartment10021New York
36 West 71st St Associates Apartment10023New York
365 W 20 Apartments Apartment10025New York
37 W 72nd St Inc Apartment10023New York
37 West 46th Street Corp Apartment10036New York
370 Manhattan Avenue Co Inc Apartment10026New York
370/Cpw Owners Corp Apartment10025New York
375 West End Owners Corp Apartment10003New York
380 Riverside Tenants Corp Apartment10025New York
383 West Broadway Corp Apartment10012New York
390 Riverside Drive Apartment10025New York
390 Wadsworth Apartment10040New York
4 Tenants Corp Apartment10128New York
4 Uptown Properties Apartment10036New York
40 E 9 St Apartment10003New York
40 East 80 Apartment Corporation Apartment10075New York
400-408 Housing Development Fund Co Inc Apartment10001New York
406 East 73rd St. Apts., Inc. Apartment10021New York
41 East 1st Rehab Corp Apartment10013New York
410 Lenox Apt Inc Apartment10037New York
410-57 Corp Inc Apartment10022New York
4182 Tenants Corp Apartment10024New York
42 9 Residential Apartment10036New York
420 East 80 Co Apartment10022New York
421 7th Ave Apartment10001New York
424 East Assets Inc Apartment10003New York
424 West 51st Street Inc Apartment10019New York
425 E 50 Owners Corp Apartment10022New York
425 E 86 Apartment Corp Apartment10028New York
427 East Sixth Street Housing Development Fund Corp Apartment10009New York
427 West 45 Associates Apartment10036New York
430-49 L L C Apartment10021New York
431 West 54th Street Inc Apartment10025New York
432 East 57th Street Corp Apartment10022New York
433 West 34th St Owners Corp Apartment10003New York
435 East 118th Street Apartment10035New York
44 East 1st St Realty Corp Apartment10003New York
44 King Street Corp Apartment10014New York
444 Central Park Owners Inc Apartment10017New York
444 E 75th St Corp Apartment10021New York
444 E 75th St Venture Inc Apartment10021New York
444 Owners Corporation Apartment10022New York
444-446 Greenwich St Corp Apartment10013New York
445 West 58 Realty Apartment10019New York
45 Tiemann Associates Inc Apartment10027New York
450 Village Co Apartment10019New York
459 Hudson St Owners Corp Apartment10014New York
45th St Associates Apartment10016New York
46-50 Rivington St Housing Dev Corp Apartment10002New York
465 West Broadway Cooperative Inc Apartment10012New York
470 West End Corp Apartment10024New York
480 Broome St Apt Corp Apartment10013New York
492 Convent Avenue Hdfc Apartment10031New York
495 Estates Apartment10024New York
498 West End Realty Co Apartment10024New York
5 West 14th Owners Corp Apartment10011New York
50 Sutton Place South Owners Inc Apartment10022New York
50/8 Associates Llp Apartment10028New York
500 Park Towers Apartment10022New York
500 Tutles L L C Apartment10036New York
500 West End Avenue Owners Apartment10024New York
5008 Broadway Associates Apartment10034New York
503 W 149 St Corp Apartment10031New York
506 8 Holding Corp Apartment10009New York
508 Columbus Properties Apartment10018New York
508 W 29th Apartment10001New York
51 St Marks Place Owners Corp Apartment10003New York
510 E 11 Apartment10009New York
510 E 11 Apartment10009New York
511 West 179 Realty Corp Apartment10033New York
515 Broadway Corp Apartment10012New York
51st Capital Associates Apartment10019New York
52 East First Street Hdcf Apartment10003New York
53 W 111 Holding Corp Apartment10026New York
530 East 86 St Apartment10028New York
532 Corporation Apartment10003New York
533 West End Avenue Inc Apartment10024New York
535 East 6 Street Housing Development Fund Apartment10009New York
535 West 162nd Street Equities, Inc. Apartment10032New York
54 E 1st St Owners Corp Apartment10003New York
54 Riverside Doctor Corporatio Apartment10024New York
543 W 160 St Hdfc Apartment10032New York
545 Tenants Corp Apartment10024New York
547 W 147 St Hdf Corp Apartment10031New York
55 Cooper Assoc L P Apartment10034New York
55 Crosby Street Accociates, Inc Apartment10012New York
552 Broome St Apartment10013New York
560 Westside Props L L C Apartment10033New York
57 Thompson Corp Apartment10016New York
57-59 Second Ave Orp Apartment10009New York
57th Street Dorchester Inc Apartment10022New York
58 Properties Corp Apartment10021New York
580 Park Ave, Incorporated Apartment10065New York
598 Broadway Realty Associates, Inc Apartment10012New York
59th Street Bridge Apartments Apartment10038New York
59th Street Bridge Apts Toll Free-Dial '1' & Then Apartment10022New York
5ep Studio Inc Apartment10010New York
60 East 34th Street Corporation Apartment10016New York
60 Gramercy Park Co Apartment10065New York
605 Apt Corp Apartment10065New York
61 West 37th St Realty Co Apartment10018New York
636-642 W 172 L L C Apartment10021New York
646 West End Avenue Corp Apartment10011New York
64w 108th St And Associates Apartment10025New York
65 E 76 Corp Apartment10021New York
650 Park Avenue Corp Apartment10065New York
661 Washington St Corp Apartment10014New York
665 West End Ave Corp Apartment10023New York
682 Broadway S Apartment10013New York
682 Sixth Ave Housing Development Fund Corp Apartment10010New York
683 Ninth Co Apartment10023New York
70 Riverside Apartment Corp. Apartment10018New York
700 Second Ave Co Apartment10036New York
707 District Corp Apartment10036New York
71 Washington Place Owners Inc Apartment10011New York
715 Heights Corp Apartment10040New York
736 West End Ave Associates Apartment10172New York
738 St Marks Apts Housing Deve Apartment10013New York
74 Riverside Dr Corp Apartment10024New York
741 West End Ave Owners Corp Apartment10003New York
75 Baek Corp Apartment10014New York
75 Central Park W Corporation Apartment10022New York
752 End Run Realty Corp Apartment10016New York
767 Tenth Ave Corp Apartment10019New York
77 Realty L L C Apartment10075New York
770 Park Avenue Corporation Apartment10065New York
78 79 York Associates Apartment10075New York
78 Perry St Co Ltd Apartment10118New York
790 Realty Corp Apartment10019New York
80 West 3rd St Corp Apartment10012New York
800 West End Ave Corp Apartment10025New York
81 Greene Street Corp Apartment10023New York
811 Fifth Avenue Corporation Apartment10065New York
82 Washington Associates Apartment10013New York
82 Washington Associates Apartment10011New York
84-86 Grove St Corp Apartment10014New York
860 West Tower Apartment10017New York
86th Street Owners Corp Apartment10028New York
88 Associates Inc Apartment10023New York
88 Bleecker St Owners Corp Apartment10012New York
9 Charlton Street Corp Apartment10036New York
9 East 96th Street Apartments Corporation Apartment10128New York
9 St Housing Development Fund Corp Apartment10009New York
90 & 92 Wadsworth Ave Associates Apartment10034New York
91 Central Park West Corp Apartment10023New York
91st Street Tenants Corp Apartment10128New York
930 Park Avennue Apts Inc Apartment10028New York
935 Park Ave Corp Apartment10028New York
93rd Building Corporation Apartment10128New York
93rd Building Corporation Apartment10018New York
940 Madison Associates Apartment10021New York
97 Second Ave Building Corp Apartment10003New York
970 Greene Avenue Realty Corp Apartment10016New York
985 Fifth Ave Apartment10019New York
990 Fifth Avenue Associates Llp Apartment10075New York
A & W Restaurants Apartment10026New York
A B Libassi Realty Co Apartment10014New York
A R Walker And Co Inc Apartment10024New York
A&I Broadway Realty Apartment10038New York
A. Kornegay Senior Houses Housing Development Fund Corporation Apartment10010New York
Abington Holding Apartment10010New York
Abington Holding Apartment10022New York
Actors Fund Aurora Apartment10019New York
Adam Hall Corporation Apartment10001New York
Adeline Residences Inc Apartment10003New York
Adeline Residences Inc Apartment10003New York
Adir Realty Apartment10003New York
Adrian Ave Associates Apartment10023New York
Advent Realty Inc Apartment10009New York
Ahmed, Abuelgasim M Apartment10032New York
Aimco Apartment10031New York
Aimco Apartment10027New York
Aimco Apartment10065New York
Aimco Properties, L. P. Apartment10075New York
Aimco Properties, L.P. Apartment10128New York
Alco Realty Partnership Apartment10033New York
Alfred Abbot Apartment10027New York
Alfred Real Estate Apartment10025New York
Alga Real Estate Corp Apartment10034New York
All Digital Way Corp Apartment10038New York
Allan S Gordon Apartment10017New York
Allendale Apartments Apartment10025New York
Alliance Apartments-Elderly Apartment10009New York
Almark Holding Co Inc Apartment10022New York
Alpha Gamma Lambda Chapter Inc Apartment10031New York
Altheim & Sunog Realty Apartment10028New York
Altruboy Land Devel L L C Apartment10022New York
Ambassador East Associates Apartment10017New York
Amber Hdfc Apartment10018New York
Amdar Co Apartment10155New York
Amelio P & Ano Marino Apartment10023New York
American Apartments Apartment10023New York
American Villa Associates Apartment10018New York
Ametal Realty Corp Apartment10128New York
Anbe Realty Co Apartment10001New York
Andrew Blane Apartment10014New York
Andrews Building Corp. Apartment10012New York
Angela Olden Apartment10027New York
Angiolina Corp Apartment10028New York
Anita R Shapiro Apartment10014New York
Annette Forman Apartment10027New York
Anthony L Maltese Apartment10075New York
Antlers Apts Apartment10026New York
Any Boy Realty Apartment10033New York
Apartbnents & Apartmnent House Apartment10075New York
Apartment & Apartment Houses Apartment10022New York
Apartment & Apartment Houses Apartment10021New York
Apartment Connect Nyc Apartment10001New York
Apartment House Redevelopment Corp. Apartment10021New York
Apartment Placement Services Apartment10022New York
Apartments & Apartment Houses Apartment10021New York
Apartments & Apartment Houses Apartment10021New York
Apartments & Apartment Houses Apartment10028New York
Apartments & Apartment Houses Apartment10001New York
Apartments & Apartment Houses Apartment10065New York
Apartments & Apartment Houses Apartment10028New York
Apartments & Apartment Houses Apartment10023New York
Apartments & Apartment Houses Apartment10025New York
Apartments & Apartment Houses Apartment10001New York
Apartments & Apartment Houses Apartment10128New York
Apartments & Apartment Houses Apartment10075New York
Apartments & Apartment Houses Apartment10022New York
Apartments & Apartment Houses Inc Apartment10019New York
Apartments & Apt Houses Apartment10028New York
Apartments And Apartment Houses Apartment10016New York
Apartments Millennium Apartment10011New York
apartmentsourceservices Apartment10006New York
Apm Management Company Apartment10023New York
Apt & Apt Hses Apartment10024New York
Apt & Apt Hses Apartment10019New York
Apt 222 Apartment10003New York
Apts & Apt Houses Apartment10010New York
Apts & Apt Houses Apartment10021New York
Apts & Apts Apartment10025New York
Archstone Chelsea - Apartments & Apartment Rentals Apartment10001New York
Archstone Clinton - Apartments & Apartment Rentals Apartment10019New York
Archstone Communities Apartment10023New York
Archstone East 39th Apartment10016New York
Archstone Midtown West Apartment10019New York
Archstone Murray Hill - Apartments & Apartment Rentals Apartment10016New York
Archstone West 54th Apartment10019New York
Arnold S Penner Apartment10022New York
Art Enetreprises Apartment10011New York
Aryeh Realty Corp Apartment10075New York
Ashley Oaks Apartments Apartment10017New York
Asn Foundry Apartment10019New York
Aspen Luxury Apts Apartment10029New York
Atlantic City Townehouses Apartment10168New York
Atlhetes Diversified Apartment10002New York
Aubrey Jackson Apartment10027New York
Aurora Associates Lp Apartment10019New York
Avalon Bowery Place Apartments Apartment10003New York
Avalon Chrystie Place Apartments Apartment10002New York
B And B Properties Apartment10028New York
B C Washington Studio Corp Apartment10013New York
B W H N V Assoc Apartment10016New York
B&K Associates Apartment10025New York
Bailey Foods Inc T Apartment10025New York
Bank Building Apartment10014New York
Barbara J Heard Apartment10027New York
Bard Haven Towers Apartment10032New York
Barrister Realty Partners Apartment10011New York
Barron, Anath Garber Apartment10024New York
Barrow St Owners Inc Apartment10019New York
Barry Martin Inc Apartment10040New York
Beaux Arts Properties Co Apartment10019New York
Bedell Terrace Apartments, L.P. Apartment10017New York
Beekman Hill Apts Inc Apartment10022New York
Beekman Tenants Corp Apartment10065New York
Bellevue South Associates Llp Apartment10010New York
Benenson Investment Company Apartment10019New York
Bennett Towers Apts Inc Apartment10065New York
Beresford Apartments Apartment10024New York
Bernard Eisenberg Apartment10019New York
Besdine Management Co Apartment10003New York
Best Apartments Apartment10011New York
Best Deals at 20 PINE Apartment10005New York
Beth Walman Apartment10024New York
Beth Walman Apartment10016New York
Bettina Equities Apartment10028New York
Biltmore Tower Apartment10036New York
Birchard R Thomas Et Al Apartment10009New York
Black Seal Realty Corp Apartment10025New York
Bleecker Street Records Apartment10014New York
Blue Star Apartments Apartment10004New York
Bohdan Kaczor Apartment10003New York
Bolivar Simon Housing Co Apartment10025New York
Borismin Realty Corporation Apartment10002New York
Bownetree Apartment10001New York
Bradford N Swett Apartment10028New York
Bradhurst Townhouse Apartments Apartment10030New York
Branford Estates Ltd Apartment10013New York
Brawnmade Cnstr Ltd Lblty Co Apartment10022New York
Brevard Owners Inc Apartment10022New York
Brian Mcglomb Apartment10021New York
Brigham Park Cooperative Apartments Section 4 Inc Apartment10118New York
Bristol Renting Ofc Apartment10022New York
Broad Spring Owners Inc Apartment10012New York
Broadway Suites Apartment10001New York
Brown Harris Stevens Residential Management Apartment10021New York
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