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1200 Lakeshore Apartment94606Oakland
2122 Lakeshore Apts Llp Apartment94606Oakland
2535 College Avenue Apartments A Califo Apartment94602Oakland
2700 Alvingroom Apartment94605Oakland
27TH Avenue Apts. Apartment94601Oakland
3003 Filbert Partners Apartment94607Oakland
330 13th Street Apartment94612Oakland
532 16th St Inc. Apartment94612Oakland
7 Direction Apartment Apartment94601Oakland
Acorn Apartments Apartment94607Oakland
Acorn Apts. Social Services Apartment94607Oakland
Acorn Town Center & Akorn Yard Apartment94607Oakland
Adcock-Joyner Apts Apartment94612Oakland
Adeline Lofts Apartment94607Oakland
Age Song at Lake Merritt Apartment94612Oakland
Alician Apartments Apartment94612Oakland
Alison Apts Apartment94612Oakland
Allen Temple Arms Ii Apartment94621Oakland
Allen Temple Manor Apartment94621Oakland
Apt Complex Apartment94606Oakland
Aqua Via Apartments Apartment94607Oakland
Bay Apartment Advisors Apartment94612Oakland
Baywood Apartments Apartment94611Oakland
Bellevue Apartments Apartment94610Oakland
Beth Asher Apartment94602Oakland
Bret Harte Apartments Apartment94602Oakland
Bridge West Oakland Housing, Inc. Apartment94607Oakland
California Affordable Housing Initiative Apartment94612Oakland
Campbell Village Apartment94607Oakland
Castro Valley Villa Vista Apartments Lt Apartment94618Oakland
Cedar Court Apartments Apartment94619Oakland
City Towers Apartment94607Oakland
Cornerstone Studios Apartment94601Oakland
Crane Management Apartment94609Oakland
Damuth Partners Apartment94611Oakland
Dor Chez Apartments Apartment94612Oakland
E Jones Rental Properties Apartment94603Oakland
Eastlake Court Apts Apartment94606Oakland
Eastmont Court Apartments Apartment94605Oakland
Essex On Lake Merritt Apartment94612Oakland
Evergreen Terrace Apts Apartment94611Oakland
Fairmount Towers Apartment94611Oakland
First Interstate Bank Apartment94606Oakland
Foothill Family Apartment Apartment94605Oakland
Foothill Plaza Apartments Apartment94605Oakland
Fourteenth And Jackson Apartment94612Oakland
Frank G Mar Apartments Apartment94612Oakland
Garza Company Inc Apartment94606Oakland
Gatewood Apartments Apartment94605Oakland
Glen Brook Terrace Apartment94611Oakland
Golden Coast Property Company Apartment94601Oakland
Grand Parkview Apartment94610Oakland
Halo Products Inspec Apartment94611Oakland
Hamilton Apts Apartment94612Oakland
Harrison Street Senior Housing Associates, Lp Apartment94621Oakland
Henry G Wong Apartment94607Oakland
High Street Apartments Apartment94619Oakland
High Street Properties Apartment94601Oakland
Hill Castle Apts. Apartment94612Oakland
Hill Group Apartment94603Oakland
Horizon Magement Apartment94610Oakland
Horizon Management Group 2 Apartment94605Oakland
Humboldt Garden Apartments Apartment94602Oakland
International Boulevard Apartments Apartment94621Oakland
Irene Cooper Terrace Apartment94606Oakland
J L Richard Terrace Apartment94606Oakland
Jack Klein-PM257 Apartment94610Oakland
Jackson Lake Apts Apartment94612Oakland
Jackson Street Apts Apartment94612Oakland
James Lee Court Apartments Apartment94612Oakland
Jefferson Housing Apartment94607Oakland
John Mandela Stuard Gateway Apartment94607Oakland
KDF City Towers L P Apartment94607Oakland
Kenneth Henry Court Apartment94605Oakland
Kensington Garden Apartment94601Oakland
Laconia Apartments Apartment94612Oakland
Lake Merritt Preservation Partners Apartment94606Oakland
Lake Park Apartments Apartment94612Oakland
Lake Park Terrace Apartments Apartment94612Oakland
Lake Royal Apartments Apartment94612Oakland
Lakepoint Apartments Apartment94610Oakland
Lakeshore Garden Apartments Apartment94606Oakland
Lakeside Apts Apartment94606Oakland
Lakeside Regency Plaza Apartment94612Oakland
Laperalta Apartments Apartment94612Oakland
Las Bougainvilleas Apartment94601Oakland
Las Palmas Apartment94621Oakland
Laurel Heights Apartments Apartment94619Oakland
Lenox Properties Apartment94610Oakland
Leona Park Villas Owners' Association Apartment94619Oakland
LIH Oakland Apartments LP Apartment94603Oakland
Lincoln Court Senior Apts Apartment94602Oakland
Linden Court Apts Apartment94607Oakland
Lion Creek Crossing Apartments Apartment94621Oakland
Lottie Johnson Memorial House Apartment94607Oakland
M O R H-1 Apt Apartment94607Oakland
Mac Arthur Apartments Apartment94605Oakland
Madison Park Apartments Apartment94607Oakland
Madison Street Apartments Apartment94610Oakland
Majestic Mtn Christmas Trees Apartment94606Oakland
Marcus Garvey Commons Apartment94607Oakland
Marr Tragni Assoc. Apartment94603Oakland
Masri Apartments Apartment94612Oakland
Medicine Investments Apartment94605Oakland
Miles, Walter Apartment94609Oakland
Mohr 1 Apts. Apartment94607Oakland
Montclair Apartments Apartment94618Oakland
Monte Lee Apartments Apartment94610Oakland
Monte Vista Villas Apartment94605Oakland
Morakot Apartments Apartment94607Oakland
Morakot Apts Apartment94606Oakland
Morris Creekside Apartments Apartment94601Oakland
Moss Terrace Apts Apartment94611Oakland
Noble Tower Apartments Apartment94612Oakland
Northgate Family Residence Apartment94612Oakland
Northgate Family Residences Apartment94612Oakland
Northgate Terrace Apartment94612Oakland
Oak Center 1 Apartment94607Oakland
Oak Park Apts. Apartment94601Oakland
Olive Park Apartments Llc A California Apartment94611Oakland
Olive Tree Senior Citizens Apartments Apartment94612Oakland
One Kelton Court Condominium Apartment94611Oakland
Ophir Terrace Apartment94609Oakland
Owens Aparment Apartment94602Oakland
Park Boulevard Manor Apartment94602Oakland
Park Terrace Apts Apartment94610Oakland
Park Village Apartments Apartment94610Oakland
Paul Dries Apt Apartment94602Oakland
Peacock Building Apartment94606Oakland
Piedmont Apartments Apartment94611Oakland
Posada De Colores Apartment94601Oakland
Quarryridge Apartments Apartment94611Oakland
Radcliffe Arms Apartments Apartment94609Oakland
Raul Garcia Apartments Apartment94601Oakland
Regents And Darien Apartment94612Oakland
Renaissance Housing Apartment94601Oakland
Ricardo Manor Co Apartment94603Oakland
Rose Of Sharon Senior Homes Inc Apartment94606Oakland
Sage Apts Apartment94611Oakland
Sally Emeson Apt Apartment94611Oakland
San Leandro Apartments Apartment94605Oakland
Santana Apartments Apartment94606Oakland
Satellite Senior Homes Apartment94607Oakland
Seattle Heights Apt Apartment94601Oakland
Sequoia Apts Apartment94602Oakland
Sho Investigations And Investments Apartment94605Oakland
Skyline Hills Apts. Apartment94605Oakland
Slim Jenkins Court Inc Apartment94607Oakland
St. Mary's Gardens Apartment94607Oakland
Summmit Crest Apartments Apartment94609Oakland
Swan's Apartments Apartment94607Oakland
Swan's Marketapts Apartment94607Oakland
Tayne & Kathryn Elam Apartments Apartment94605Oakland
The Lee Accountancy Group, Inc. Apartment94612Oakland
The Plaza International Apartment94601Oakland
Valdez Plaza School Line Apartment94611Oakland
Vermont Apts. Apartment94610Oakland
Vernon Terrace Apts Apartment94610Oakland
Victor Manor Apts Apartment94606Oakland
Weldon Apartments Apartment94610Oakland
West Construction & Maintenance Apartment94606Oakland
Westside Apts Apartment94612Oakland
Westwood Afe Apartment94607Oakland
York Apartments Apartment94610Oakland
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