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1 9 Bond St Realty Inc Apartment10012New York
1 Fifth Avenue Apartment Corp Apartment10002New York
1 Gracie Square Corp Apartment10028New York
1 Source Apartment Locators Apartment75063Irving
10 West 66th Street Corporation Apartment10023New York
100 Cooper Property Apartment10019New York
100 Cooper Property Apartment10034New York
100 Management Apartment60617Chicago
100 Towers Apartment90067Los Angeles
100 West 18th Street Apartment 4b Llc Apartment10011New York
100 West Chestnut Apartments Apartment60610Chicago
1007 Congress Apartment78704Austin
101 Cooper St Apartment10034New York
101 Lafayette Plaza Corp Apartment11217Brooklyn
101 Market Apartments Apartment92101San Diego
101 South Division Apartment49503Grand Rapids
101 W 12 St Apts Apartment33010Hialeah
1017 W Elna Rae Apartment85258Scottsdale
102 Associates Apartment10033New York
1020 Bush St. Associates Apartment94109San Francisco
1028 & 1101 Howard Street Apartment94103San Francisco
1028 Howard Street Apts Apartment94103San Francisco
103 Clinton St H D F C Apartment10002New York
1030 North Dearborn Plaza Apts Apartment60610Chicago
1030 Post Street Apartments Apartment94109San Francisco
10305 Almayo Apartment90064Los Angeles
1031 Wooster Partners Lp Apartment90028Los Angeles
1045 Park Avenue Owners Apartment10028New York
105 West 13th Corp Apartment10001New York
106 Mulberry Corp Apartment10013New York
10717 Sorrento Valley Rd Apartment92121San Diego
108 Place Apts Apartment78751Austin
1080 Chestnut Inc Apartment94109San Francisco
1095 Park Ave Corp Apartment10128New York
1100 N Lasalle Apartments Apartment60610Chicago
1103 E 34th St Inc Apartment11220Brooklyn
111 East 85th Street Owners Corp Apartment10028New York
111 East Chestnut Condominium Apartment60611Chicago
111 Jane St Condo Apartment10014New York
111 Jones Street Apartments Apartment94102San Francisco
111 Ludlow Corp Apartment10007New York
111-112 L L C Apartment10029New York
1111 N Dearborn Apartments Apartment60610Chicago
1120 Park Corp Apartment10128New York
1125 Park Avenue Corp Apartment10128New York
113 Greene St Owners Corp Apartment10012New York
1130 Deseret Apartment Complex Apartment91754Monterey Park
1130 Park Avenue Apartment10128New York
1130 South Michigan Avenue Apartment60605Chicago
1133 Fifth Avenue Corporation Apartment10128New York
1135 Bird Avenue Apartments Apartment95125San Jose
1136 N Larrabee Apartment90069West Hollywood
114 E 72 St Tenants Corp Apartment10021New York
114 Invesco Inc Apartment10029New York
114-153 Associates Apartment11201Brooklyn
115 Central Park West Corp Apartment10023New York
115 Central Park West Corp Apartment10065New York
115 Charles St Realty Corp Apartment10014New York
115 Owners Apartment10016New York
115 W 57 St L L C Apartment10036New York
1150 Condominium Association Apartment60611Chicago
11515s Budlong Ltd Partnership Apartment90044Los Angeles
1155 Park Ave Apartment10128New York
117 2nd Ave Corporation Apartment10003New York
117 Chestnut St Lofts Apartment19106Philadelphia
1171 60th St, Inc Apartment11204Brooklyn
11957 Goshen,LLC Apartment90049Los Angeles
1199 Housing Corp Apartment10029New York
120 E 7th St Mgt Co Inc Apartment10022New York
120 Owners Corp. Apartment10019New York
1200 Lakeshore Apartment94606Oakland
121 W 122nd St Corp Apartment10024New York
121 Waverly Place Tenants Corp Apartment10011New York
121 Willow Condo Assn Apartment7030Hoboken
1217 Delaware Ave Inc Apartment14209Buffalo
1225 North Loop Investments, Inc. Apartment77054Houston
123 Apartments Corp Inc Apartment10023New York
123 East 39th St Corp Apartment10016New York
123 Vermilyea Corp Apartment10040New York
1234 Broadway Apartment10001New York
1236 2nd Ave Corporation Apartment10065New York
124 E 71st St Realty Corp Apartment10006New York
1240 N Lake Shore Condominium Apartment60610Chicago
125 E 4th St Owners Corp Apartment10014New York
126 East 30th Owners Inc Apartment10016New York
126 Riverside Dr Corp Apartment10019New York
1260 Veteran Apartments Apartment90024Los Angeles
129-131 Fifth Avenue Corp Apartment10003New York
12th St Realty Apartment10173New York
12th Street Apartment Corp. Apartment10019New York
13 West 13 Apartments Corp Apartment10019New York
130 Alexandria Apartments LLC Apartment90004Los Angeles
130 East 94th Apartments Corp Apartment10128New York
1300 Golden Gate Apartments Apartment94115San Francisco
132 Elm Street Apartment85260Scottsdale
1320 North State Street Apt Apartment60610Chicago
1324 Carroll St Corporation Apartment11213Brooklyn
1327 Havenhurst Hoa Apartment90046West Hollywood
133 E 64th Street Corp Apartment10065New York
1340 Hudson Realty Corpopration Apartment10022New York
1349 Tenants Corporation Apartment10128New York
135 Hudson St Cooperative Inc Apartment10013New York
135 Rivington Associates Apartment10002New York
135 W 24th St Realty Corp Apartment10011New York
135 W 75th St L L C Apartment10011New York
1350 North Lake Shore Drive Apartments Apartment60610Chicago
1352 Lofts Apartment19147Philadelphia
135th Street Apartments Apartment10030New York
136 W 78th St Inc Apartment10024New York
1360 Mission Apartment94103San Francisco
13715 Realty Co Apartment10011New York
1380 The Mission Apartment90024Los Angeles
139 E 66 St Corp Apartment10065New York
139 S Occidental Apartments Apartment90057Los Angeles
140 Waverly Associates Ltd Apartment10019New York
1400 Q Street Apartments Apartment95811Sacramento
1401 Elm Street Condo Assn Apartment75202Dallas
140th Street Housing Development Fund Corporation Apartment10039New York
141 Equity Holdings Inc Apartment10002New York
1430 Lake Shore Drive Building Corporation Apartment60610Chicago
144 East 24th Street Corporation Apartment10010New York
144 St. Marks Owners Corp. Apartment11217Brooklyn
1441 N Jim Miller Rd Holdings Lp Apartment75217Dallas
145 Apartment Inc Apartment11209Brooklyn
145 Upper Corp Apartment10013New York
146 West 4th St Apartment Apartment10012New York
147 Sullivan Street Corp Apartment10013New York
1472 Filbert Street Associates, Apartment94105San Francisco
148 West 80th Street Apt Corp Apartment10024New York
1481 East 21 Street Apartment11210Brooklyn
1486 5 Avenue Housing Development Fund Corporation Apartment10035New York
149 Mason Street Apartments Apartment94102San Francisco
1490 Estates Apartment Apartment14208Buffalo
15 West 12th St Apartment10011New York
15 West 84th Apartments Coop Apartment10024New York
150 West 55th Street Apartment Corp Apartment10019New York
1501 Witmer Manor Partners Apartment90058Vernon
1510 Odd Fellow & 600 Hilliard Apts. Apartment77024Houston
152 North 9 Apt. Corp. Apartment11211Brooklyn
1520 Properties Corp Apartment10075New York
1521 Eight Street Apt. Apartment94501Alameda
153 East 26 Realty Associates Apartment10128New York
1540 Building Corp. Apartment60610Chicago
155 Apt Corp Apartment10021New York
155 Henry Street Apartment11201Brooklyn
1550 1552 20th Ave Apts Apartment94122San Francisco
1550 Jackson-Keller Apartment78213San Antonio
1570 Lexington Realty Corp Apartment10032New York
159 Saratoga Avenue Corp Apartment11379Middle Village
15th & Jefferson Associates Apartment19121Philadelphia
16 E 98th St Owners Inc Apartment10029New York
160 East 33rd St Partners Apartment10016New York
1603 Edgemont Partners Apartment90027Los Angeles
161 Adelphi Street Apartment11217Brooklyn
161 W 140 Tennants Assoc Apartment10030New York
161 W 76th Street Apartment Corp Apartment10023New York
1611 Palisade Ave Apartment7047North Bergen
162 Broadway Associates Apartment10022New York
1624 W. Morse Apartment60626Chicago
163 East 81st Corp Apartment10028New York
164 Realty Associates Inc Apartment11105Astoria
165 W 66 Street Apartment Corp Apartment10023New York
165 West 66 Street Apartment Corp Apartment10017New York
1650 Federal Ave Apartments Apartment90025Los Angeles
166 East 96 Street Owners Co Apartment10128New York
168-170 West 25 St Associates Apartment11204Brooklyn
1684 W 8th Associates Apartment11230Brooklyn
1685 Brandywine Avenue Apartment91911Chula Vista
1690 Pomeroy Apartment90016Los Angeles
16th St Tenants Corp Apartment10011New York
17 Monroe Apartment11215Brooklyn
170 E 77 St Apartment10075New York
170 Second Ave Owners Corp Apartment10003New York
170 Tenants Corp Apartment10075New York
1701 Turk Street Investors Apartment94115San Francisco
172 Forsyth St H D F C Apartment10002New York
172 W 77th St Realty Co Apartment10023New York
1725 York Owners Corp Apartment10128New York
173-175 East 91 Realty Corp Apartment10018New York
1730 Kearny Ltd Apartment94133San Francisco
174 8th Avenue Associates, Inc Apartment10002New York
1741 Lincoln Avenue Apartments Apartment94114San Francisco
1745 First Avenue Inc Apartment10128New York
1750 King Apts Apartment90062Los Angeles
1750 Vallejo Street Apartments Apartment94123San Francisco
176 East 3rd Street Apartment10009New York
176 Grand St Ext Apartment11211Brooklyn
177 Spring St Corporation Apartment10013New York
177 West 83 St Housing Development Fund Corp Apartment10024New York
1776 Apartments Apartment95125San Jose
178 Spring St Corp Apartment10012New York
17th Street Apts Inc Apartment33612Tampa
18 East 76th Street Corporation Apartment10021New York
18 Mercer Equity Inc Apartment10013New York
18 West 12th St Apartment Apartment10016New York
180 N Jefferson Apartments Apartment60661Chicago
180 St Nicholas Ave Housing Devel Fund Corp Apartment10026New York
1803 Oak Street Apartments Apartment77013Houston
1821 George Street Corporation Apartment11385Ridgewood
1835 Realty Co Apartment11209Brooklyn
1845 7th Ave Realty Associates Apartment10026New York
185 225 Park Hill Apartment10304Staten Island
1850 Veteran Apartments Apartment90025Los Angeles
1870 California Street Apts Apartment94041Mountain View
1885 Third Ave Inc Apartment10029New York
1890 East 5th Street Apartment11204Brooklyn
18th Street Apartments Apartment91950National City
1900 Elm Apartment75201Dallas
1900 McKinney Properties Apartment75201Dallas
1901 N. Hoyne Apartment60647Chicago
1910 Grand Apartments Apartment75204Dallas
1918 Apts Ltd Apartment33139Miami
1920 Chestnut Street Condomini Apartment19103Philadelphia
1925 Gough Street Apartment94123San Francisco
192nd Street Realty Apartment10023New York
1937 Sw 6 Street Apartments Apartment33135Miami
1948 Malcolm Villas H O A Apartment90025Los Angeles
1958 Realty Corp Apartment11377Woodside
1969 Mets Corp Apartment33139Miami Beach
1975 83rd Street Owners Corporation Apartment11209Brooklyn
1975 Chariton Property Apartment90021Los Angeles
1983 Heigths L L C Apartment10451Bronx
1995 Associates Apartment10023New York
1998 Vallejo Corporation Apartment94123San Francisco
1st Street Manor Apts Apartment92021El Cajon
2 Beekman Place Owners Corp Apartment10022New York
2 Grove St Apartment Corp Apartment10107New York
2 Grove St Apartment Corp Apartment10014New York
2 Sisters Apartments Apartment60615Chicago
2 Units Persaud Apartment33186Miami
20 Cedar Condominium Apartment60611Chicago
200 Clinton Associates Apartment11201Brooklyn
2000 Broadway Property Apartment94115San Francisco
2000 Mckinney, Ltd. Apartment75201Dallas
2000 Post Apartments Apartment94115San Francisco
2001 Brun Apartment77096Houston
201 Turk Street Apartments Apartment94102San Francisco
201 W 109th St Associates Apartment11210Brooklyn
201 West 16th St Owners Corp Apartment10011New York
2010 12 Howe St Building Apartment60614Chicago
202 42nd Owners Corp Apartment10028New York
203 West 146th Street L.P. Apartment10039New York
2032 Bath Avenue Realty Corp Apartment11232Brooklyn
204th Street Associates Inc Apartment10034New York
205 Jones Street Apts Apartment94102San Francisco
2070 Ali Baba Ave Apts Ll Apartment33166Virginia Gardens
208 East 28 Owners Corporation Apartment10016New York
209 East Lakeshore Drive Corp Apartment60611Chicago
21 & 33 East 7 St Apts Apartment33010Hialeah
21 E 90th St Apartment10128New York
21 Marinero Circle Llp Apartment94920Belvedere Tiburon
21 Rio Apartment78705Austin
210 Central Park South Inc Apartment10001New York
210 Riverside Drive Apartments Apartment10025New York
211 E Delaware Place Apartment60611Chicago
211 W 56 Associates Apartment10019New York
212 Apartments Apartment10014New York
212 East 13 Owners Corp Apartment10013New York
2121 Midlane Apartment77027Houston
2122 Lakeshore Apts Llp Apartment94606Oakland
214 Realty Co Apartment11238Brooklyn
214 River Owners Corp Apartment10025New York
2165 Pacific Street Apartment11233Brooklyn
218 East 14th St Realty Co Inc Apartment11222Brooklyn
22 Charles St Associates Apartment10014New York
220 Cooper St Ltd Apartment8102Camden
220 Realty Co Apartment10028New York
220 West Corp. Apartment10023New York
222 W 83rd Apartment Bldg Apartment10024New York
2220 Canton Loft Condominiums Apartment75226Dallas
2237 81st Street Apartment11204Brooklyn
225 Lincoln Apartments Corp Apartment11242Brooklyn
226 Jefferson Inc Apartment33139Miami Beach
2265 Broadway Inc Apartment94115San Francisco
228 Hamilton Da Apartment11237Brooklyn
228-30 Associates Inc Apartment10011New York
229 East 79 Limited Apartment10123New York
229 Sullivan St Realty L L C Apartment10012New York
23 E 69th St L L C Apartment10021New York
230 E Delaware Place Condominium Association Apartment60611Chicago
230 West 105th Street Realty Apartment10025New York
230-79 Equity Inc. Apartment11375Forest Hills
2302 Leon St Apartments Lp Apartment95130San Jose
2305 Second Corp. Apartment10035New York
232 E Walton Building Apartment60611Chicago
2321 Cambling Avenue Associates Apartment10013New York
2322 Commonwealth Apartments Apartment60614Chicago
233 Chestnut Apartment Apartment94133San Francisco
233 East 70 Street Owners Corporation Apartment10021New York
2332 Second Ave Realty Corp Apartment10035New York
233235 Realty Apartment10003New York
235 Renaissance Broadway Corp Apartment10155New York
235 Wadsworth Associates Apartment10019New York
237 East 20 Apartment10003New York
238 W 106 Street Housing Development Funding Corp Apartment10025New York
239 West 71st Street Realty Associates Lp Apartment10038New York
23rd & Capital Apartment Apartment95816Sacramento
23rd & F Street Apartments Apartment95816Sacramento
24-26 & 93 Apartments Corp Apartment10128New York
240 E 75 L L C Apartment10021New York
240 Nagle Apartment10034New York
240 West 71 Street Apartm Apartment10023New York
240 West End Avenue Condominium Apartment10016New York
240-42 East 15th St Corp Apartment10003New York
2400 Chestnut Corporation Apartment19103Philadelphia
2400 McCue Apartment77056Houston
241 East 31 Owners, Inc Apartment10016New York
2430 Lake View Avenue Building Corporation Apartment60614Chicago
245 N Alvarado Apartment90026Los Angeles
247 E Chestnut Condo Assoc Apartment60611Chicago
2475 Corinth Apts Apartment90064Los Angeles
248 Broome St Corp Apartment10002New York
2485 Chestnut Apartments Apartment94123San Francisco
249 Occidental Limited Partnership Apartment90057Los Angeles
24th & C Street Apartments Apartment95816Sacramento
24th Street Apartments Apartment94110San Francisco
250 Montgomery Associates Apartment19003Ardmore
2535 College Avenue Apartments A Califo Apartment94602Oakland
2555 N Clark-Laundry Room Fax Line Apartment60614Chicago
2571 Seventh Ave Corp Apartment10003New York
26 Prince St L L C Apartment10013New York
26 St Marks Realty Inc Apartment10003New York
2601 Parkway Apartments Apartment19130Philadelphia
2611 N Sawyer Apts Apartment60647Chicago
264 West 22nd St Owners Inc Apartment10023New York
265 Cabrini Co Apartment10033New York
27-29 W 181 St Associates Inc Apartment11230Brooklyn
270 East 78th Street Apartment10016New York
2700 Alvingroom Apartment94605Oakland
2712 Building Apartments Apartment60647Chicago
277 E 10 St Associates Apartment10009New York
27th & N Street Apartments Apartment95816Sacramento
27th &N Street Apts Apartment95816Sacramento
27TH Avenue Apts. Apartment94601Oakland
27th Street Apartments Apartment95818Sacramento
28 E 4th St Housing Corp Apartment10003New York
280 W 12th St Owners Apartment10014New York
280 W 12th St Owners Inc Apartment10014New York
2802 East Roosevelt Apartments Apartment85018Phoenix
281 Broadway Associates Apartment10007New York
29 East 28th St Corp Apartment11355Flushing
29 W 82 Condominium Apartment10024New York
2933 N. Sheridan Apartment60657Chicago
295 Central Park West Inc Apartment10024New York
2951 Ocean Avenue Apartments Inc Apartment11219Brooklyn
2970 N Sheridan Rd Apartments Apartment60657Chicago
2970 North Lake Shore Drive Condominium Association Apartment60657Chicago
2990 Enterprises Apartment33012Hialeah
2e 98 St Corp Apartment10029New York
3 S M Corporation Apartment60645Chicago
30 Beekman Place Corp Apartment10022New York
30 E Elm Apartments Apartment60611Chicago
30 E Huron Condominium Associates Apartment60611Chicago
30 Remsen Apts Corp Apartment11201Brooklyn
30 Schermerhorn Street Co Apartment11201Brooklyn
30 West 46 Apartment11210Brooklyn
300 Central Park West Apartments Corp Apartment10024New York
300 North Vista Apartment77073Houston
300 W 23rd St Owner's Corp Apartment10011New York
3000 Sage Luxury Apartments Apartment77056Houston
3003 Filbert Partners Apartment94607Oakland
301 E 69th St Owners Corp Apartment10021New York
301 Mary Tug Corp Apartment11231Brooklyn
30162 Owners Corp Apartment10036New York
302 Convent Avenue Housing Development Fund Corp Apartment10031New York
3030 Vernon Apartment90077Los Angeles
304 West 88th Street Apartment Apartment10012New York
3049 Sacramento St Apts Apartment94115San Francisco
305 Ocean Ave Apartment11225Brooklyn
306 W 106th Street Realty Corp Apartment10025New York
307 East 89 Apartment10128New York
308 West 88th Street Associates Apartment10003New York
3095 Owners Corp Apartment10016New York
30th And Noe Apartments Apartment94131San Francisco
31 Tiemann Place Owners Corp Apartment10028New York
310-312 E 23rd Apt Corp Apartment10022New York
3101 21st Apartments Apartment94110San Francisco
3106 Metro Village Apartment85051Phoenix
312 East 106th St Real Estate Apartment10029New York
313 Milford Street Housing Development Fund Corporation Apartment11201Brooklyn
3130 N. Lake Shore Drive Apts. Apartment60657Chicago
316 West 112th Street Hdfc Apartment10026New York
3175 81 Lyndale Apartments Inc Apartment33145Miami
318 West 15th St Apartment Corp Apartment10011New York
322 W 72 Apt Corp Apartment10023New York
323 East 14th St Associates Apartment10016New York
324 E 9th St Inc Apartment11373Elmhurst
324 East 5th St Owners Corp Apartment10075New York
325 W 77th St Ny Ny L L C Apartment10022New York
325 W 77th St Ny Ny L L C Apartment10001New York
3260 N Lake Shore Drive Bldg Apartment60657Chicago
327 East 5th St Realty Corp Apartment10003New York
33 South Third Street Apts Apartment95113San Jose
33 West 126 St Realty Corp Apartment10037New York
330 13th Street Apartment94612Oakland
331 Melrose Street Corp Apartment10029New York
333 S Kingsley Investors LP Apartment90020Los Angeles
3333 Allen Parkway Apartment77019Houston
334 W 28 Street Corp Apartment10016New York
336 E 6 St Owners Corp Apartment10003New York
336 Norton Apt Apartment90020Los Angeles
336 W Wellington Condominiums Apartment60657Chicago
33rd Avenue Apartments Apartment32826Orlando
34 St South Co Apartment10019New York
340 South Cloverdale Apartment90036Los Angeles
341-363 West 50th Street Redevelopment Company, L.P. Apartment10022New York
3410 Lakeshore Drive Condominium Association Apartment60657Chicago
345 Magnolia Apts Apartment90069Los Angeles
345 W 4th 306 W 13th St Owners Corp Apartment10012New York
348 E 10 St Housing Development Fund Corp Apartment10009New York
35 Park Av Corp Apartment10016New York
350 Central Park W Associates Apartment10025New York
350 Central Park W Associates Apartment10025New York
350 East 109th St Corp Apartment10029New York
350 East 109th St Corp Apartment10029New York
3500 Freemont Apartments Apartment60657Chicago
3500 Lake Shore Dr Coop Apts Apartment60657Chicago
3510 Rhodes Ph Ii Apartment60616Chicago
36 Crooke Ave Co Apartment11226Brooklyn
36 E 72nd St Corp Apartment10021New York
36 S Ashland Apartments Apartment60607Chicago
36 West 71st St Associates Apartment10023New York
3626 Kings Hwy Owners Coop Inc Apartment11234Brooklyn
363 East Kinney Street Properties Apartment7105Newark
365 W 20 Apartments Apartment10025New York
37 30 73rd St Owners Corp Apartment11372Jackson Heights
37 37 Hillcroft Apartment77057Houston
37 W 72nd St Inc Apartment10023New York
37 West 46th Street Corp Apartment10036New York
370 Manhattan Avenue Co Inc Apartment10026New York
370/Cpw Owners Corp Apartment10025New York
375 West End Owners Corp Apartment10003New York
3790 Wisconsin St Apartment90007Los Angeles
380 Realty Partners Llc Manage Apartment7104Newark
380 Riverside Tenants Corp Apartment10025New York
383 West Broadway Corp Apartment10012New York
3846 38th St LP Apartment92104San Diego
39 74th Apt Corp Apartment7047North Bergen
39 Fifth Avenue Owners Corp Co Samson M Apartment11374Rego Park
39 West Apartment Apartment90062Los Angeles
390 Riverside Drive Apartment10025New York
390 Wadsworth Apartment10040New York
390 Wadsworth Apartment11217Brooklyn
3900 Ingraham Apts Apartment90005Los Angeles
392 Park Way Apts Apartment91910Chula Vista
3920 Lake Shore Drive Building Apartment60613Chicago
394 Jefferson Avenue Housing Apartment11221Brooklyn
3m Land Developers Apartment90003Los Angeles
4 C Investment Apartment85745Tucson
4 Lyford Drive Apts. Apartment94920Belvedere Tiburon
4 Points Group Apartment78701Austin
4 Tenants Corp Apartment10128New York
4 Towers Apartment60640Chicago
4 Uptown Properties Apartment10036New York
40 E 9 St Apartment10003New York
40 East 80 Apartment Corporation Apartment10075New York
40 West 95 Corp Apartment11101Long Island City
400-408 Housing Development Fund Co Inc Apartment10001New York
400-500 Apts Apartment15218Pittsburgh
4039 West Madison Building Apartment60622Chicago
404 Rio Apartment78701Austin
406 East 73rd St. Apts., Inc. Apartment10021New York
41 05 94th St Inc Apartment11379Middle Village
41 East 1st Rehab Corp Apartment10013New York
410 Lenox Apt Inc Apartment10037New York
410-57 Corp Inc Apartment10022New York
4140 Mississippi St Apts Apartment92110San Diego
415 Aldine Apartments Apartment60657Chicago
415 Jones Street Apartments Apartment94102San Francisco
4182 Tenants Corp Apartment10024New York
42 9 Residential Apartment10036New York
420 Apartments, Ltd. Apartment33134Coral Gables
420 East 80 Co Apartment10022New York
420 East Ohio Apartment60611Chicago
421 7th Ave Apartment10001New York
4217 Inglewood Apts. Apartment90066Los Angeles
422 Melrose Building Apartment60657Chicago
424 East Assets Inc Apartment10003New York
424 West 51st Street Inc Apartment10019New York
425 E 50 Owners Corp Apartment10022New York
425 E 86 Apartment Corp Apartment10028New York
427 East Sixth Street Housing Development Fund Corp Apartment10009New York
427 West 45 Associates Apartment10036New York
42nd Street Apartments Apartment33613Tampa
43 15 43 36 Street Apts Corp Apartment11104Sunnyside
430 Gramercy Place Apartment90020Los Angeles
430-49 L L C Apartment10021New York
431 West 54th Street Inc Apartment10025New York
432 East 57th Street Corp Apartment10022New York
433 West 34th St Owners Corp Apartment10003New York
4343 At The Parkway Apartment75287Dallas
435 East 118th Street Apartment10035New York
44 06 25th Ave Corp Apartment11103Astoria
44 East 1st St Realty Corp Apartment10003New York
44 King Street Corp Apartment10014New York
44 Winks Apartment94578San Leandro
440 Sw 5th Ave Apartment33130Miami
441 W. Oakdale Apartment60657Chicago
443-451 W Wrightwood Apts Apartment60614Chicago
444 Central Park Owners Inc Apartment10017New York
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